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Attach this genuine leather holster to your belt and you will wonder how you ever managed without one. The FELCO 910 is perfect to keep your pruning shears to hand for pruning at a moment’s notice, wherever you are. Thankfully, no more forcing your shears into your coat or trouser pockets, or into the top of your belt. Whether attached with the belt loop or the clip, this rugged holster protects you and your prized FELCO tools. 
While it’s always comforting to know that FELCO tools are universally robust and hard-wearing; that they can hard work; and if necessary, you can easily replace key parts to quickly restore them to peak condition – despite this you still wouldn’t choose to drop them, lose them, or expose them to the elements. This genuine leather holster literally takes these unforeseen possibilities out of your hands by keeping your pruning shears safe. Once you easily attach the FELCO 910 to your belt - either by the loop or clip - your favourite tool will always be there… that’s right
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Diepte (bruto): 2,5 mm
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