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686,35 €
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686,35 €
Cutting diameter30 mm
Right hand
Weight710 g
FELCOmatic de tipo FELCO 70 modificada al nivel de la válvula de accionamiento permite cerrar la hoja progresivamente cuando el usuario aprieta sobre la palanca de accionamiento de la hoja. Presión de uso: 7 a 15 bares Consumo de aire: 24 a 50 litros / min. Este modelo puede ser solicitado con alargaderas 60, 120 y 150 cm.
Made in Switzerland
Product information
Discover the FELCO 73 Pneumatic Pruning Shear, a reliable addition to your gardening toolkit. This FELCOmatic model stands out with a modified admission valve for a progressive blade closure when the control lever is pressed. With an operating pressure range of 7 to 15 bar and efficient air consumption of 24 to 50 litres/min, this tool ensures precision and ease of use. Extendable options of 60, 120, and 150 cm are available for tailored reach.
UPC: 783929100821
Performance attributes
Cutting diameter: 30 mm
Length (net): 260 mm
Depth (net): 4.8 mm
Weight (net): 0.71 kg
Depth (gross): 6.4 mm
Weight (gross): 0.932 kg
Blade length (net): 55 mm
Dexterity: Universel

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